Thursday, March 20, 2008

another post

Now that I've had a day and a half to get over the jetlag, I'm posting again. I realized as I arrived at Ichikawa-shiohama station (the station closest to my apartment) that even though I've only lived here for around 4 months, it has become home to me. As soon as I saw those three sleazy-looking 'love hotels' just outside the station, I felt like I was home. Also, I see why the Tokyo area is seen as a constantly changing place. Even though I was only gone for 3 months, there are several things I've noticed that are slightly different, even at tiny Ichikawa-shiohama station. Also, Domino's in Japan raised their prices... a 'large' cheese pizza is now a full 4oo yen more expensive than it was when I left =( I guess I won't be getting delivery very often. I'm hoping that Cosco didn't also raise their pizza prices, because that would suck majorly (although I'd still be getting their pizza from time to time, as it's the only actual American-style pizza I've been able to find in Japan).

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