Thursday, October 18, 2007

Since last time

Still fighting with IES to get them to do their job regarding a certain issue. They seem to be trying to make it so difficult for me that I get frustrated and give up. They obviously don't know me very well.
Tonight, I ate a skull for the first time. It was a fish that I ate whole. It wasn't very good, though my roommates liked it.
Tomorrow, I've got my midterm for architecture. It is going to suck hardcore, as the prof seems to be of the opinion that we should all either be architecture majors or be spending all of our free time doing readings for her class. Everyone who I've spoken to in the class feels like they're going to fail the midterm (which is worth a full 30% of our grade in the course). I'm comforting myself by telling myself that she can't possibly fail all of us. It's a nice theory, anyway.
I'll be heading over to the Budokan near Meikai on the 28th to watch a class of the local Iai-do dojo. I will probably end up joining, as they are fairly inexpensive and I need to get some Iai in. Also, because nobody there speaks English very well, it'll also be more practice for my Japanese.
I think that covers most everything. Hopefully next week will suck less.

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