Sunday, November 18, 2007

Still here...

Hey, been a while since I've posted... been really busy lately, with midterms and now gearing up towards finals. The Nagano trip was fun. Lots of nifty old-looking buildings. Also, onsens rock. On the last day, we even got to go and see a monkey onsen, so whenever I get around to uploading pics, there will be pics of me with monkeys.
Upcoming stuff for this week: Japanese test tomorrow, followed by a Thanksgiving thing (which is why me and my roommates are currently making around 20 lbs of mashed potatos). Tuesday I have to do a skit thing for Japanese; I'm apparently supposed to be the girl from The Ring, because I apparently have enough hair to pull it off. I have my first final a week from this Thursday. There's an overnight trip to Nikko sometime this week (though I don't remember when). Also, I've been having random chest pain near where my rib got broken this summer, so I'll probably have to get it checked out at some point.
The weather here is still fluctuating from around 50-60 degrees, so it barely feels like Fall most days. I'll be flying back on December 25th, as airfare is cheap then (go figure...) I think that's about it. Later, folks.

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