Sunday, December 16, 2007

Updates (some of which might matter to non-Iaidoka)

It's been a busy few days. Friday I had my final presentation for my hellish Architecture class. It was made even more 'fun' by the fact that my rib started giving me serious trouble while I was on the train to head to class. I managed to make it through the presentation without dying, though, so it's all good. Just have to get through my Japanese final on Tuesday, and I'm good to go.
Yesterday, I spent time in three different prefectures (Chiba, Tokyo, and Saitama). Finally met up with Risa (my Japanese conversation partner from last Spring at the U). She's doing well, and is hoping to make it back to MN to visit people in February (although that is likely the WORST time to go to MN). We wandered around Kawagoe, a city known as 'Little Edo' due to the large numbers of Edo-era buildings that are preserved there. We then had some traditional Japanese food for dinner; she thought it was hilarious that I had never eaten raw fish before, so she ordered me some raw tuna. Also, I ate too much wasabi.
Today, I went to the budokan for Iaido class as usual. They decided they were testing everyone today. The guy who's been teaching me decided that he wanted them to test me, too, although I've only been training there for less than two months. He told me to just do Mae, Ushiro, and Uke-Nagashi (because those are all similar in Japan to the way I'm used to doing them back home). I managed to survive it. I'm really gonna have to make time to buy a Japanese hakama and dogi before coming back to the States, though... they are way nicer than the ones I've been able to buy in the US. Also, surprisingly enough, doing Iai in an Iai hakama is alot more comfortable and convenient than doing it in an Aikido hakama.
I think that covers just about everything. I'll be back in MN a week from this Tuesday, so expect me in class at the dojo on the evening of the 26th =D

Also, finally got around to uploading some more pics:

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