Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Best. Dinner. Ever. (and other oddness)

So, the Japanese classes here are divided into 3 levels. Level 1 is for students with 1 year of Japanese; level 2 for people with 2 years; level 3 for people with 3 years. Somehow, the placement test put me in level 3, though I can't speak worth a damn and I suck at kanji. It also placed one of my roommates (who has 3 years of Japanese) and another guy who's got like 5 years and has lived here before in level 1. WTF, seriously... on the plus side (at least for me), they freely allow people to drop down into a lower-level class than the one they tested into. I'm seriously not a level 3 student... I might be able to pull a C or perhaps a B- if I bust my ass, but that's not what this is about.
On a less annoying topic, I had an interesting dinner tonight: rice and toast... now that's class! Apparently, the dorm manager will be making us dinner tomorrow night. She can't speak English at all, but seems nice enough (though I'm not quite sure what's going on half the time when she's talking to us... vocab is a bitch!).
To-do tomorrow: deal with alien card registration, pick up my meal subsidy money from Shin-san, and hopefully buy a denshi-jishou (electronic dictionary)... and study so I'll not make a total ass of myself in level 3 Japanese on Thursday... blearg -_-()

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