Thursday, September 20, 2007

Updates, and why my hands smell like fish

The second level Japanese class is way better than the third level one. The review we're doing is ACTUALLY REVIEW for me! *GASP*
Apparently, our dorm manager is convinced that we don't eat enough. I guess that's what happens when all three of us are skinny and she's convinced that we can't even handle turning the rice cooker on, because we're guys -_-(). On that note, one of my roommates made a tasty fried udon dish tonight. I got to be the official cutter of ingredients. That job included gutting and chopping up the fish, hence why my hands smell like fish.
Plans for tomorrow / this weekend: buy more RAM for my comp (one of my RAM chips appears to be bad =( ), buy a PSP and FFVII: Crisis Core (because it's an FFVII tie-in!), and go to Tokyo Game Show. I suppose homework and studying fall somewhere in there, though I don't have school on Monday, so I could always wait until then. Also, my hands continue to smell like fish. Yuck.

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