Sunday, September 23, 2007

This weekend

I went to the Tokyo JCC for the first time on Friday. The experience was less than enjoyable. They demanded ID at the door, flipped through our passports, and demanded to search our bags (because obviously we were carrying bags loaded with weapons... it couldn't just be that we had our bags with us because we had class until 4:40 or so...). After services, one of their rabbis decided to make a speech about how any Jew who didn't actively belong to a Jewish community was the same as an apostate or a heretic.
Also, I went to Tokyo Game Show. Saw some stuff; didn't find anywhere around there to buy a PSP, so I went to Akihabara, figuring they'd have one there. I found exactly one place in all of Akihabara that still had the PSP, and the only color they had was pink, so I went ahead and bought a used GameCube for the apartment for cheap.
When I got home, I busted open the GameCube box, intending to hook it up and try it out, only to find that apparently in Japan GameCubes come with everything you need EXCEPT a cable to connect it to a TV. One of my roommates suggested we try heading over to a mall at a nearby station to check there for the necessary cable.
While waiting for the train, I bought a drink from a vending machine that looked interesting. It turns out it was barley tea, and it made me very sick. We went to the mall anyway, and eventually found a game shop. The shop, however, had no GameCube cables. They did have PSPs, though, so I bought one (although they didn't have any copies of FFVII: Crisis Core left). We then went home, where I promptly ran to the bathroom and vomited forcefully enough that half the contents of my stomach went out through my nose. I'm still feeling somewhat queasy, and have yet to do my Japanese homework. I am very glad I don't have school tomorrow.

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