Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The latest...

I took the placement test this morning. I was going to study for it, but I spent the last few days feeling extremely sick. In fact, I was too sick this morning to eat breakfast before taking the test. Of course, by about halfway through the test, I'd gotten over whatever bug's had me down for the last couple of days and so I went to Costco for some pizza... which I ate too fast, having not had much to eat for the last couple days, and then I felt kinda sick because of eating too fast for a bit. Then I went off to buy a cheap and absurd tie to wear for the official beginning-of-the-semester group picture tomorrow... I'll be proving that I am indeed man enough to wear a pink tie. I think it's even supposed to be a men's tie, though I'm not 100% sure. Still haven't decided if I'll be doing anything weird with my hat or hair, but I'll think of something (or people could post suggestions, lol)

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